Transcendental Meditation and Yoga

Are Transcendental Meditation and yoga connected?  Yes!  Transcendental Meditation or TM comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, a tradition which also brought yoga postures or asanas to the world.  The yoga positions were designed as a preparation for meditation.  They allow the body to gently release the surface layer of tension, stress and fatigue.  This way, one can slip into meditation in an already relaxed state and allow the mind to settle down very easily.

People familiar with yoga classes will know that meditation is usually encouraged at the end of the class after the yoga posture practice.  However, often there isn’t much meditation instruction.

The nice thing about learning TM with the Meditation People is that you’re taught very specifically how to meditate.  The TM course begins with an hour of personal instruction for each student. Next, there are three group sessions with people that had personal instruction on the same day.

The first group session shows you how to make the most of your meditation and how to know if you’re doing it correctly. Very important!  The next session explains how TM works and how the body releases stress during meditation, which leads to the health benefits that meditation offers.  A final group session explores about the full range of experiences that regular meditation brings, expansion of consciousness and enlightenment.

You’re then invited to regular free online group meditations on an ongoing basis and can always check in with your teacher to ensure you’re getting the most out of your TM.

If you continue yoga practice alongside TM, you’ll find that it’s the perfect way to prepare for meditation.