TM courses online and in Brighton

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Transcendental Meditation TM courses online and in Brighton

“It never ceases to surprise me how something so simple can have such an immensely positive impact on the people I teach… ”

Mike Sampey, The Meditation People

It’s almost 40 years since I learned TM and I still remember the satisfaction and surprise I felt when I was able to verify for myself, repeatedly, that this simple, effective technique really worked.

I’ve taught TM to numerous people over the last 32 years and I never tire of seeing how quickly people benefit from such a simple, enjoyable practice.

I take great pleasure in making our courses easily available. I’m passionate not just about teaching TM but helping people to get the most out of their meditation.

Our course is jargon-free, practical and clearly taught in a friendly environment with an experienced and enthusiastic teacher and includes free followup sessions. As online teaching is so flexible, there are many options to learn on Zoom.