You Can Meditate Almost Anywhere

It’s funny how it’s often assumed that we need somewhere quiet to meditate. The silence we experience during meditation is an inner experience, it’s the place where meditation takes you.  The whole process during Transcendental Meditation is the journey of the mind from a place called ‘activity’ towards a place called ‘silence’.  Interestingly, this journey doesn’t depend on the outside environment. I teach Transcendental Meditation in Brighton & Hove.  Situated just off the beach, we can usually hear people outside enjoying themselves.

When we’re meditating, we’re aware of the outside environment but it doesn’t stop the mind from becoming more still.  To experience a mind that is busy ‘doing’ settle into a state of simply ‘being’ is a very attractive experience.  Just as we can enjoy a book and be aware of external sounds or we enter a supermarket and can hear the hustle and bustle yet still think about what we want to buy, so the mind can practice Transcendental Meditation in almost any environment amongst external sounds.  Assuming you have a seat, using public transport is never boring again once you have learned TM!  It’s a great place to meditate.

Transcendental Meditation is a very natural, innocent process and teaching TM on Brighton & Hove seafront is a place where hundreds of people have experienced inner peace.