Why Does TM Work?

When a person learns TM, a common experience is that they feel something happening and they enjoy the process but they don’t know why it’s happening.  On our independent Transcendental Meditation courses in Brighton, common questions are, ‘Why is this working?’  and ‘How can something so effective be so simple?’

The answer is that TM utilises a tendency that the human mind already has. It works like this: if we give our mind the opportunity to shift from whatever it’s aware of now towards something it finds more fulfilling, our attention shifts automatically, without effort, towards that thing.  If, while you’re reading this, you hear an interesting conversation just outside the door of the room you’re in or you hear music that you find attractive, your attention shifts towards it effortlessly.

During Transcendental Meditation, the mind finds the experience of becoming quieter and more relaxed whilst remaining fully awake satisfying and so the shift from the busy mind to the less busy mind to the quiet mind happens spontaneously.

TM gives the mind a simple way to experience quieter states of thought and move towards the experience of inner peace.  Because the mind finds this experience enjoyable and we work with the natural tendency of the mind, the practice of TM is effortless.