Meditating Correctly

A common question that comes up when we learn to meditate is how to know if we’re doing it correctly.

One of the nice things about learning Transcendental Meditation in Brighton & Hove is that our course is well established.  When learning TM, the instructions for how to meditate are very clear. We’re specific about what to do and what not to do and we define correct meditation very clearly.

Practising TM is a very simple, yet specific process taught individually to each student and then verified and practiced with the teacher over several sessions.  It’s an important part of our course to teach what correct meditation is so that each student can practice at home and know that they’re actually meditating.

There’s also a checking process built into the TM technique.  Our students can contact their teacher after the course, go through the 30-minute checking procedure, meditate with the teacher and re-establish correct and, most importantly, effortless meditation.

The Meditation People offer free follow up indefinitely!  It’s a pleasure to meet students after many years and meditate with them again and, as a student, it’s great to know you can contact your teacher to make sure that you’re meditating correctly so that you can gain all the benefits that Transcendental Meditation offers.