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Transcendental Meditation during Covid Lockdown

When lockdown swiftly came into place to limit the spread of Covid we all found ourselves suddenly leading  different lives. As we were trying to figure out how to keep life on track without leaving the house, a very interesting thing happened in our meditation community.  It was as though someone had the idea that […]

Transcendental Meditation and Yoga

Are Transcendental Meditation and yoga connected?  Yes!  Transcendental Meditation or TM comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, a tradition which also brought yoga postures or asanas to the world.  The yoga positions were designed as a preparation for meditation.  They allow the body to gently release the surface layer of tension, stress and […]

Transcendental Meditation is Effortless

One of the greatest things about Transcendental Meditation is its simplicity.  Not all meditation techniques are simple. Some require concentration and great discipline.  For such a widely researched practice with so many demonstrable benefits to be described as an effortless process seems astonishing.  Especially when we consider that to get results in anything usually requires […]

Prince Harry: “I need to meditate every single day.”

Prince Harry has highlighted the need for daily meditation as an effective management tool for burnout and stress.  Whilst he didn’t mention Transcendental Meditation specifically, ‘an effective management tool for burnout’ is a familiar way in which people describe the benefits of TM and there have been numerous articles in the press over the past […]