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Why Meditate Twice a Day?

Sometimes people ask why we meditate twice a day.  Why do we need to meditate in the morning after a night’s sleep?  The answer is that Transcendental Meditation brings a different type of rest to the nervous system than sleep.  Also, the brain behaves differently during TM than it does during sleep.  After sleep, people […]

Meditating Correctly

A common question that comes up when we learn to meditate is how to know if we’re doing it correctly. One of the nice things about learning Transcendental Meditation in Brighton & Hove is that our course is well established.  When learning TM, the instructions for how to meditate are very clear. We’re specific about […]

What Does TM Feel Like?

As an independent teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Hove and Brighton, I teach a fascinating course.  Learning TM requires a course of four instruction sessions over a weekend.  The TM course contains a lot of very interesting information but what is the meditation experience like?  What does Transcendental Meditation feel like? TM is unique and […]

You Can Meditate Almost Anywhere

It’s funny how it’s often assumed that we need somewhere quiet to meditate. The silence we experience during meditation is an inner experience, it’s the place where meditation takes you.  The whole process during Transcendental Meditation is the journey of the mind from a place called ‘activity’ towards a place called ‘silence’.  Interestingly, this journey […]